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Glass Pack


Glass Pack Media 

Finely crushed recycled glass for pool, industrial,and environmental filtration that provides outstanding water clarity and quality - a direct replacement for sand or ZEOlite in both freshwater and salt chlorine water pools. Glass Pack® media works with all sanitizers and sand filter platforms. Better permeability - backwashes with up to 75% less water, saving down-time and water/sewer charges. Doesn't "channel" in your filter like sand does. Glass filtration is evenly distributed, which gives you cleaner water and why you will backwash less.

Glass Pack® filters skin cells, blood cells and 70% of all bacteria such as coliform or ecoli. No need to "shock" or flocculate the pool as with sand or cartridge filters. Glass Pack® grains are amorphous, smooth particles that have higher attrition strength and do not permanently trap bacteria in cracks.
Glass Pack® is manufactured from 100% recycled glass, sterilized and machined like sugar. 
Use of Glass Pack® filter media will lower your consumption of chlorine and coagulants. Coagulants and metal removers are not compatible with ZEOlite and are compatible with glass.
Glass Pack media is superior to DE and it will change your life if you manage your own filter.


ECOsmarte Glasspack® has been Tested and Certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (for Materials Safety Requirements Only), Section 8 for Commercial and Residential Water Treatment Applications. Further ECOsmarte's Glasspack® is Certified to NSF 50 for Commercial Swimming Pool applications by the Water Quality Association (WQA).