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Ecosmarte Point-of-Entry (POE)

To our amazement, the oxidation in the home POE system made a huge difference in our laundry. As you can see the differences above, the shirt to the left was washed just one time in regular municipal water which is quite dull. The shirt to the right was washed with our ECOsmarte home POE water...without bleach (we never use bleach). The difference is AWESOME!

About ECOsmarte water: We soften the mineral, not the water. 
Wetter water, gives you better results with less water used.


Any application: Townhouse to estates, comical building, well water, RV & yacht .

You get sanitation from the copper which is an anti bactericide and algaecide as well as oxygen and ionized water. The oxygen is an oxidizer (cleaning agent) and the ionization make the water more absorbent into cells so you need less water to do the same job. The ionization also liquifies the calcium, which is good to have in water. In the liquified form, it is better for your plumbing, fixtures, clothes, dishes, appliances,  tiles and tubs. No more build up!


This means you drink, shower, wash your clothes and dishes in chemical free, better than bottled water. The water is not stored, so it's BPA free (Bisphenol- a toxic polycarbonate in plastics).

Better for your family inside and out!   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Copper in the water safe for me?
A: Absolutely. The amount of copper added to your water is just enough to sanitize the water from the possibility of bacteria colonizing in the water. If you were to drink two gallons of water from your home system in a day, you would ingest less copper than what you would receive by taking a multiple vitamin.

Q: What are the annual costs to operate the ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry System?
A: There are no annual costs to operate the system. Every 5-7 years, the filter media and the copper bars in the ionization chamber need to be replaced. The filter media can be purchased for about $300 and replacement copper bars cost $175.


Point-of-Entry system tested and certified by WQA under NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Materials Safety Requirements Only. Also Certified to NSF 53 reduction of triahalomethanes.


Whole House Reverse Osmosis ECOsmarte is the BEST Pretreatment and
we use no salt.