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We are always looking for the healthier, cleaner and organic way to live. We use natural based products to clean our home, organic fertilizer for our grass and garden, natural hygiene products, etc. So of course when it came to swimming 7 months of the year, we had to have something better for our family. 

We could not enjoy the chlorine pool with all the fumes, skin and eye irritation, headaches, and dry, green hair. We were so happy to discover ECOsmartes' copper-ionization water system. Now that we have it, we just can't understand why anyone would use anything else. So that's where we come in, we're here to tell everyone... You can have chemical-free water in your home, pool and spa.

After being so happy with the ECOsmarte pool system, we installed the home water system. It's virtually maintenance free and the water tasted great right after we installed it. All the chlorine that the city puts into the water is removed. The copper keeps it sanitized and the oxidation and ionization make for more healthy absorbent water for your body. 

 We had a well in our previous home and it had a water softener system with a soda ash feed to help eliminate magnesium, iron and other issues. We were always adjusting it and checking the levels and even then we were never happy with the water. If we only had known about ECOsmarte well water treatment, we would have done it. There's just no comparison.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to assisting you going chemical-free with ECOsmarte!

Please note, in order to reach a broader geographic area, we have change our name from ECO NOR CAL to ECOsmartePRO.

Here's to your health & our planet!

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