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Welcome to ECOsmartePRO 

We are your, ECOsmarte dealer for CHEMICAL FREE home, pool & spa water systems.
Back in 2010, we bought a home with a chlorine pool. After 2 months of headaches, burned skin, eyes and green hair from the odorous chlorine, we stopped swimming and started looking for a healthier option. We wouldn't consider a salt chlorine generator system, because it uses the salt to produce chlorine, so not only do you have the harmful chlorine but now the harshness of salt! We researched and found ECOsmarte’s copper ionization system. 

Copper ionization

Copper ionization is a widely used, accepted and a high end method for water purification. ECOsmarte is the leading manufacturer of non salt, non chemical water technology for the whole house, pool and spa. They also have an excellent customer service staff. We bought the system for ourselves and love it! It's fully automatic and chemical free! We can’t understand why anyone would use any other system. 
Due to the great interest in our pool from family and friends, we decided to become ECOsmarte dealers.
We invite you to contact us, ask questions and investigate. We’re here to help and provide you with all the information you need to start swimming, drinking and washing in chemical free water!


In addition to our local sales, we have traveled across the country advising, installing and educating our clients.

We have a high value for this system and the like minded customers we work with.

It's a lifestyle choice and we're in it for the long run.

We look forward to assisting you along the way...

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