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The ECOsmarte spa system is designed especially for spas, hot tubs and swimming lap pools of any size up to 1,000 gallons. Due to the small amount of water and the covered tub, the frequency, amount of ionization and oxidation is significantly less than other applications. The ECOsmarte Spa System is specifically engineered for treating small amounts of water. Units can be installed in any spa.

In our experience we have seen great success with large spas with 375 gallons or more. Regardless of the type of system you have, the larger the body of water the easier it is to manage, this is also true with ECOsmarte systems. One of the most notable health benefits of going chemical free in a spa, is that you will not smell the hot chlorine water with our system or boil your skin in chlorine. It's a nice clean, silky water that also has a near neutral pH (6.8). When you empty your spa, you may water your garden with it as the water is chemical free- a good recycling factor.

Welcome to the Gold Leaf Inn SPA

The Gold Leaf Inn, located in Estes Park, Colorado, is an environmentally friendly Inn with organic foods
and cleaning products and now has upgraded their spa to an ECOsmarte system.
Delivered by us, previously ECONORCAL.
After hiking in theRocky Mountain National Park, relax in their chemical free ECOsmarte spa!
Then dine on gourmet local, organic, home made meals and enjoy the peace of the Inn where the beauty is in the details. 

Contact Monica, the Inn Keeper at: The Golden Leaf Inn, Estes Park, CO
(970) 577-1766  Email: