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Standard Turbo System

The Standard Turbo System is designed for inground pools from 10,000 to 50,000 gallons. The user can select ionization or oxidation by the use of a toggle switch. Initially the unit will be placed in the ionization mode. Once the copper ion level reaches 0.4-0.7ppm, the system should be switched to provide oxidation. Most pools will require the system to be in the ionize mode 6-12 hours one day per week to maintain the desired ion level. The remaining time, the unit should be in the oxidation mode to remove contaminants from the water. The system can adequately keep the pool water clean by running the pump only 6-12 hours per day.


The Standard Turbo System consists of only two components, the electrical controller box and an ionization and oxidation chamber that fits in the return line to your pool from your filter. The difference with this system is that you have to manually flip a switch once a week and will have to adjust the pH with muriatic acid as needed. 


ECOsmarte Pool Manager

The ECOsmarte Pool Manager test kit is included with every pool system. This test kit allows the pool owner to easily test the three vital water chemistry items required by the ECOsmarte system without having to travel to a pool store to have their water tested. 

The system includes a test for calcium hardness, pH and copper. Everything fits neatly in a handy carrying case. Instructions for each test are shown in the cover of the hard case.