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Ecosmarte Zero Waste (POE)

The Ecosmarte Zero Waste  (POE) Systems ..... It replaces water softeners and conditioners, iron filters, chemical feeders, taste and odor filters, and most other water treatment methods. You will have bottled-water quality throughout your entire home. The system does not remove beneficial minerals like copper (we add it), calcium and magnesium from your water, while the oxygenation lowers its surface tension, known as "wetter water". The result is water that tastes great, has no odor, and is more absorbent for both plants and people. Proprietary granular activated carbon and hydroxite filter, automatic back wash valve and pure copper ionization and titanium oxidation. Rinses itself with your own water every twelve days, No Brine! Fifteen minutes annual maintenance. Treats all water at Point-of-Entry.  

Zero waste system is designed for application in smaller units, town house / apartment, also great for yacht and RV installation. 


Zero waste installation

ECO NOR CAL delivered a Zero Waste Water System that was installed into a commercial kitchen in Redding, CA. delivering clean water to the drinking fountain, soda machine, ice machines, coffee makers and all the water used for cooking banquette dinners for 800-900 people at once.
Everyone was pleasantly stunned at the waters immediate taste improvement. No more chlorine taste or smell, just crisp and clean water. We know some of the 
employees were bringing gallons of the ECOsmarte water home from the commercial facility- It was that good!